#100DayProject II

Quick recap, I am doing 100 days of finishing projects to finally be caught up and because I simply couldn't handle another project. I knew I really wanted to try out this 100 day shindig but I knew that I couldn't handle the stress and pressure of committing to a new project every day. Inspired by a fellow crafter, I realized that 100 days of finishing incomplete projects would be the perfect project to undertake!

We are well into our 100 day project by now but if you are anything like me, you're slacking and that is okay! Like I said in the last post, I am not being strict with myself on this project because I want to enjoy it and make the most out of it. It isn't just about finishing the project for me, it's also reflecting and seeing what I really enjoy.

Last post I talked about making a list of ALL your unfinished projects and now we're going to delve deeper into that. I know you may be feeling a little like this:

But it is okay! It will feel overwhelming at first but once you start tackling all your unfinished projects and finally getting them done, it will ten times better!

Going back to your list, you want to dissect each project. By dissect I mean really figure out what you need to do to actually get your project done. Like I mentioned before, all I have to do in my December Daily album is stamp and journal a bit. Once I wrote that down on my list I realized how easy it is to actually finish that damn project. Another example is my January Traveler's Notebook just needs a few more pages done and the photographs are already printed.

To make it easier for you I've created a printable that has helped me immensely figure out what I need to do. Click on the image to get your free downloadable printable to get your life in order...or maybe just your unfinished projects ;)

I printed mine on vibrant colors to help me stay motivated but mostly so I wouldn't lose it...so here it is!

Next week we will be diving into our first unfinished project! Be sure you have yours picked out that you want to focus on. I'm obviously starting with the one that I have to do the least amount of work in so I don't completely quit this 100 day project!

Until next time crafty one!

Ariana Fizudeen